Dishes Made From Fresh Cucumbers, Can Be A Healthy Menu!

Cucumber or cucumber is a food ingredient that comes from vines. This plant has a characteristic green color with an oval shape and seeds on the inside.

Besides being eaten directly, cucumbers can also be processed into various menus. Anything? Come on, find out below.

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1 Cream cheese cucumber

This one dish is unique and practical. You just need to divide the cucumber in half vertically.

Clean the seeds and you can fill them with cream cheese and slices of meat. Of course, the taste that is served will be tasty and cheesy.

2 Cucumber salads

For those of you who are on a diet, don’t miss this cucumber-based menu. The cucumber will be thinly sliced ​​together with the shallot slices. Add dressing sauce according to taste.

3 Grilled potato salad and cucumber

Still with the salad menu, you can get a more filling salad dish. The reason is because this menu uses baked potatoes as an ingredient. Also add a dressing sauce that can be adjusted according to taste. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

4 Cucumber and mint sorbet

Want a more different menu? Try tasting this one cucumber sorbet dish. This cold sorbet uses cucumber and mint leaves as ingredients. The fresh green color gives it its own taste sensation. Kesehatan Tubuh

5 Greek cucumber sushi

If sushi usually uses rice and nori as wrappers, this menu is different. The reason is because this sushi uses thin cucumber slices as the outer layer. You can fill it with yogurt cream and meat slices. Kesehatan Jiwa

Apart from being eaten fresh, of course, there are many menu items made from cucumber that you can taste. vitamin dan suplemen

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