Don’t Do the Following 5 Diet Habits Again, So Misguided!

Well, it could be a diet series that you are doing wrong. Some people still practice the following diet habits that are considered common. In fact, in addition to making you lose weight, Ladies are also likely to get unexpected diseases, you know:

Underestimating drink calories

Many are already concerned with calories in food, but still underestimate calories in drinks. Because of its liquid form, many think that sugary drinks will not make you fat.

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In fact, fast food drinks contain calories which are sometimes higher than food. In fact, fruit juices that are sold on the side of the road often give you excess sugar, making the calories extraordinarily large! Kesehatan Jiwa

Skip breakfast

Many fail to understand that breakfast can make the weight loss process go faster. In fact, skipping breakfast is not a recommended diet method. The reason is, Ladies will actually eat large portions during the day when skipping meals in the morning. Besides that, skipping breakfast can also destroy your mood, you know! It’s not good for Ladies who have a lot of activity. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

Avoid vegetables

Many of them are on a strict diet by eating only protein or fat. In fact, a diet like this actually damages the body. In fact, the body needs a lot of fiber to speed up weight loss. Fiber in vegetables can make you full longer, you know. Kesehatan Tubuh

Not exercising

Losing weight can indeed be done by means of a calorie deficit alone. However, the process will take a long time if it is not balanced with regular exercise. That’s why Ladies are really obliged to exercise at least 30 minutes-1 hour per day. Better to exercise a little each day than nothing!

Don’t drink enough water

There are still many who avoid drinking water during the diet period. In fact, the more water you drink, the easier it will be to lose weight. vitamin dan suplemen

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