5 Unexpected Things That Can Cause You Often Have Headaches

Headache or dizziness is one of the most common health problems. There can be a number of things that trigger this head problem.

This headache problem is a common problem experienced by many people and often feels very disturbing. The severity of this problem can range from moderate to severe and painful.

At a stage that is severe enough, this can have an impact on a number of other conditions in the body. You may even have difficulty concentrating and doing your daily activities.

One of the main causes of this headache is stress. However, when these headaches occur frequently enough, there are a number of things that may be the culprit. Reporting from the Times of India, here are some unexpected reasons you often experience headaches.

Drinking Too Much Coffee

To increase focus and performance at work, coffee is one drink that you can consume. Even so, excessive coffee consumption can be the cause of this frequent headache. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

Caffeine can constrict blood vessels and daily consumption of coffee can make you addicted. This is the reason you often experience this headache.


Adequate water intake is very important to stay healthy and fit. When you are dehydrated, this can lead to headaches. Kesehatan Tubuh

Hormone Problems

In some cases, a drop in hormone levels can be the reason you experience headaches. If your estrogen is low enough, then you will experience this problem. One of the causes of this decrease in estrogen is pregnancy.
Improper Posture Kesehatan Jiwa

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Sitting and sleeping with incorrect posture is also a thing that can lead to headaches. In addition, improper posture can also lead to digestive problems, backaches, and pain in the legs.

Using Too Many Devices

Staring at laptot screens and cell phones constantly will not only hurt the eyes but also cause headaches. Staring at your device can make your eyes strain, so you experience headaches. vitamin dan suplemen

A number of these things without you knowing it can cause headaches. Pay attention to these things if you want to avoid headaches that often arise.

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