Can Diet Affect Skin Health?

The choice of food consumed is of course very influential on overall health conditions as well as immunity or endurance. However, what is the direct impact on a person’s skin health?

To find the answer, genomics technology company Nusantics teamed up with Burgreens to research diet and its relationship to skin health. This startup found interesting facts from the results of the research conducted.

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Last year, Nusantics had designed the main PCR design to detect Covid-19 with BPPT and Biofarma. Now, Nusantics is initiating research with Burgreens, a plant-based food chain company. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

The study involved 166 participants aged 25-35 years. The research sample is divided into two types. First, the group of people who have a varied diet by consuming more than eight types of vegetables, fruit, and protein (plant & animal) per day.

The second group consists of people who eat less than the eight types of food mentioned per day. The results showed, the group that applied a varied diet with a minimum duration of six months, their skin was more resilient to disease attacks. Kesehatan Tubuh

Meanwhile, the group that consumed a variety of plant foods less than eight types per day, tended to be susceptible to immune disorders and skin diseases. Some of the problems that often attack such as acne, irritability, and redness.

Nusantics’ co-founder and CTO, Revata Utama, was delighted to have the opportunity to research groups of people with different diets. “With this research we can get new insights about the importance of maintaining a varied diet for the health of the body,” said Revata through his official statement. Kesehatan Jiwa

From the results of these studies, Nusantics also highlighted the fact that the food consumed greatly affects the condition of the gut microbiome, general health, and skin immunity. Nusantics believes that the condition of the microbiome can be maintained if the diet becomes more varied.

Microbiome is a collection of microorganisms consisting of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and archaea that live in soil, water, air, and on more than 50 percent of the human body. The microbiome that lives on human organs and skin shows more or less the health and immunity of the skin.

Therefore, it is important to know the extent to which lifestyle and diet affect the balance and diversity of the microbiome. To obtain information about the condition of the skin microbiome as in the study, Nusantics provides Biome Scan services, an analysis of the profile of the skin microbiome. vitamin dan suplemen

These services can be found at Nusantics Hub, Senopati Jakarta. As a biotechnology-based company, Nusantics is also developing research to analyze microbiome conditions in water, soil and air in order to understand environmental conditions and steps to prevent further damage.

An easy way to improve the gut microbiome can be by increasing the consumption of vegetable sources such as hodgepodge, pecel, salad, ointment, and the like. Vegetable food sources with various delicious and contemporary preparations can also be found on the market, one of which is at the Burgreens outlet.

“Hopefully the results of this research can open the eyes of young people to care more about the environment and health by adopting a healthier diet and more oriented towards vegetable sources,” said Founder of Burgreens, Max Mandias.

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