Crowded on Twitter Teens Addicted to Coughing Drugs, Doctors: Drug Addiction Means Poisoning

Social media Twitter was enlivened by a tweet about a high school student who was addicted to cough medicine.

The tweet was uploaded by the owner of the Twitter account @BanyuSadewa on Wednesday (5/5/2021).

As of Friday (14/5/2021), the tweet has received 2,294 retweets and was liked by 10,5 thousand Twitter users.

In the tweet, the uploader wrote, “A girl in grade 3 high school is addicted to cough medicine, it’s even more scary, doc.”


Not only that, the uploader also included two photos, which showed three teenage girls carrying cough medicine. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

Both cough medicine that is still in sachet form and that has been mixed into a plastic cup. Kesehatan Tubuh

So, are there any side effects of addiction to the cough medicine?

Drug addiction is tantamount to poisoning

Novianto Adi Nugroho, forensic doctor at Moewardi Hospital and UNS Hospital, emphasized that addiction to any drug is tantamount to poisoning.

That is because, people who are addicted have changed the properties of the drug, which should be beneficial to be detrimental.

“Any addiction to drugs, means poisoning, because it has changed the properties that should be beneficial to be detrimental,” said Novianto to, Thursday (13/5/2021). Kesehatan Jiwa

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It should be noted that in dry or phlegm cough medicine, it usually contains dextromethorphan or commonly abbreviated as DMP.

If consumed, DMP works in the brain and functions to suppress coughing.

“Dry cough medicine (without phlegm) is not only a comic book containing dextromethorphan or commonly abbreviated as DMP.”

“DMP works in the brain whose function is to suppress coughing,” said Novianto.

DMP Gives Side Effects of Euphoria and Hallucinations

According to Novianto, if the DMP contained in this cough medicine is consumed in excess, it will cause side effects such as hallucinations, euphoria, and antidepressants. vitamin dan suplemen

“If consumed in excess, the side effects that arise are also greater, such as hallucinations, happy or euphoric effects, and antidepressants,” he said.

Furthermore, Novianto said, if the cough medicine is consumed by a person even though he is not coughing, it will cause adverse effects.

Among them, such as excessive happiness, or commonly referred to as ‘flying’ and hangovers.

The effect is almost the same when someone consumes marijuana or methamphetamine-type drugs.

“Because the main function is to suppress cough, if you don’t cough, what will arise is the adverse side effects of euphoria, hallucinations, feelings of happiness as the term flies, hangovers, and others.”

“It has almost the same effect when consuming marijuana and crystal methamphetamine,” explained Novianto.

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