3 reasons someone tends to listen to upset songs when they are sad

When all hope is lost, sad songs say so much to keep you company. Several studies have found that many people choose to listen to sad music when they are sad and have the strongest desire to listen to sad music immediately after the onset of a negative mood. Here are some reasons why someone prefers to listen to sad music when he is sad.

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1 Connection

The listener identifies the emotions expressed by the music or the meaning of the lyrics. They look for this type of identification when they want to experience the same emotions again. Identifying their feelings in this way seemed to help resolve them. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

2 High Aesthetic Value

Before sad listeners can reassess their situation, they use music as a distraction. In this scenario, music with high aesthetic value, music that is believed to be very good or beautiful is most sought after. The more beautiful the music, the easier it is for the listener to concentrate on it, thus achieving the goal of being distracted from their current situation. Kesehatan Tubuh

3 Memory Triggers

Finally, listeners use sad music as a memory trigger, when the music is related to an event or person in the past, and they want to retrieve the memory. Interestingly, when listeners select music for this purpose, the music doesn’t seem to elevate their mood, as it does music in other situations. Kesehatan Jiwa

When a bad mood has passed, we tend to turn to uplifting music. vitamin dan suplemen

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