5 Signs You Have a Growth Mindset, Make You Resilient to Face Challenges

Have you ever heard of the terms growth mindset and fixed mindset? Growth mindset is a mindset that believes that basic abilities can be improved by hard work, consistency, and intelligence. Meanwhile, talent only acts as initial capital. Meanwhile, people who have a fixed mindset understand that talent is everything and tend to rely on results without looking at the process.

In facing challenges, people who have a growth mindset will be more persistent in fighting and like challenges, while people who have a fixed mindset will easily give up and avoid challenges. Here beautynesia.id has summarized 5 signs that you have a growth mindset to be tough in facing challenges. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

Learn from Previous Mistakes

For people who have a growth mindset, mistakes and failures are seen as a journey in their life to success. So that instead of being sad for a long time when experiencing failure, they are actually easier to get up and are determined to correct their mistakes.

Meanwhile, people with a fixed mindset will perceive failure as their identity. As a result they find it difficult to learn from previous mistakes. This makes him move easily and feel inadequate. So it is difficult to develop to be even better. Kesehatan Tubuh

Learn to Accept Other People’s Criticism

People with a growth mindset will try and learn to accept other people’s criticism. He will try to improve himself from the criticism. So that he becomes a good learner and avoids overconfidence.

Meanwhile, people with a fixed mindset tend to close themselves off from other people’s criticism. He ignores and rejects other people’s criticism and feels himself perfect. As a result, he is less able to develop and has stagnant results.

Smart Seeing Golden Opportunities

People with a growth mindset will easily see golden opportunities. Even in the midst of many difficulties, problems, shortcomings, he was able to see the potential and opportunities that could result. Because he saw everything from the positive side. Kesehatan Jiwa

Meanwhile, people with a fixed mindset tend to find it difficult to find new opportunities. Because he considers new opportunities are a difficulty and cannot be faced. Instead of accepting the challenge, he prefers to live what he has done because it is easier.

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Dare to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

People with a growth mindset will dare to get out of their comfort zone. They want to try new things out of the ordinary. They know that going outside of their comfort zone will bring uncertainty, difficulties, and problems. But they are willing to face it and learn new things from the experience.

Meanwhile, people with a fixed mindset are too happy and peaceful when they are in their comfort zone. He does not want to turn to difficult things because he is afraid and worried that his calm will be disturbed. vitamin dan suplemen

The Success of Others is Inspiration

Finally, people who have a growth mindset will value other people’s success as inspiration. They will imitate habits, learn from the process and its failures. Instead of viewing it as a threat, they view other people’s success as a shortcut to success. Because he could avoid their mistakes, without having to try it outright.

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