Here’s How To Know If You’re Getting Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is one of the most important pillars of our overall health. However, many people find it difficult to gauge whether they actually sleep quality. Here are some things you need to pay attention to to find out.

1 How long do you sleep

Duration does not guarantee the quality of your sleep. However, according to chiropractor and functional medicine specialist Stacie Stephenson, D.C., CNS, the length of your sleep is one of the first things you should know when measuring how well you sleep. Remember, not everyone needs eight hours of sleep, so knowing how much sleep is enough for yourself is important. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

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2 How do you feel when you wake up

Not everyone is a person who likes to get up early. So know how you feel when you wake up and start moving. According to Stephenson, this is another important factor that must be considered. He suggests analyzing whether you wake up feeling ready for the day or feeling tired and lethargic. If you feel energized, it is a sign that your sleep quality is good.

3 How often do you wake up

It is normal to wake up once or twice a night, for example to urinate, the sound of your child being awakened, or due to other external disturbances. According to Stephenson, “Really good quality sleep means sleeping continuously throughout the night or waking up no more than once.” Kesehatan Tubuh

4 How do you feel during the day

One of the best indications of how well you sleep is how you feel during the day. According to sleep specialist and author of The Sleep Solution, W. Chris Winter, MD, try answering questions like, “How sleepy am I during the day? Am I sleepy at work or in meetings? Do I really want to nap all the time?” If you answered yes, this could all mean that the quality (or quantity) of your sleep isn’t great. Kesehatan Jiwa

Stephenson also adds that you pay attention to your performance and mood during the day. Things like forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and drowsiness can generally be interpreted as signs of poor sleep. “If you feel alert and able to concentrate, and you don’t feel tempted to take a nap, then you’re probably getting quality sleep.”

5 Check sleep tracker (sleep tracker)

Try checking your sleep tracker which is usually found on smartwatches. Yes, it can’t hurt to buy a sleep tracker if you really want to dive into the ins and outs of your night’s sleep. With this sleep tracker, in the morning you can see how many hours you actually slept, how much time you spent waking up, how much time you needed to fall asleep, what your heart rate was and how fast you were breathing.” vitamin dan suplemen

Some smartwatches will even tell you how much time you spend in different stages of sleep. “Monitors can help you understand the quality of your sleep, tell you whether you’re getting enough or enough time at each stage of sleep, and report whether your heart rate or breathing rate is too high,” Stephenson adds.

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