This is a sad phase when new people break up, how are you?

Separation or breakup is one thing that is often difficult to avoid in a relationship. This situation is certainly painful and not easy to accept.

Especially, if the relationship is long enough. But, what needs to be understood is that the process of being sad during a breakup is a natural thing. You just need to go through that phase of sadness. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

Reporting from the Times of India, here are the phases of sadness when people break up.


In this phase a person will deny that the relationship has been. In fact, someone will defend themselves and say that they are just taking a break and need self-introspection. This phase is very natural to feel, but behind this phase, of course this can be a process to accept reality. Kesehatan Tubuh

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Sad feeling

In this phase a person will generally question and grieve why this condition happened to him. However, being sad is a natural thing. The grief of a breakup is devastating, alienating, and can be overwhelming. You are not only mourning the past, but you are also mourning the future.

Pray to God

This is the phase when one makes some promises to the almighty. In this phase, a person often promises not to repeat the same mistake, and will no longer disappoint his partner. Kesehatan Jiwa

Easy to get angry

During a breakup, a person gets angry easily and finds it difficult to accept reality. In fact, they tend to vent it by hitting physically. Anger is natural, but if it’s excessive it’s not healthy for mental health, you know.

Start accepting reality

After going through a sad and difficult phase of letting go, one will eventually accept reality. When in this phase, a person will accept that it is time to turn over a new leaf, as well as learn from his mistakes in the past. vitamin dan suplemen

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