Understanding Body Shaming and Its Impact If It Occurs

Unpleasant news happened to Nurul Akmal, an Indonesian female lifter. The video went viral because it was heard from someone who was heard body shaming Nurul Akmal when he arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Indonesian female lifter Nurul Akmal received unpleasant treatment upon arrival in the country. Amel, as he is familiarly called, was one of those welcomed by Menpora Zainudin Amali because of his achievement in reaching fifth place at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

Talking about body shaming, many of us still don’t understand about body shaming. The following is the meaning of body shaming and its impact if it happens to someone.

  • Definition of Body Shaming

Body shaming is a bad act that can erode one’s self-confidence without realizing it. Body shaming is a behavior that criticizes or comments on the physical or body of oneself or others in a negative way.

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Whether it’s criticizing about being fat, thin, short, or tall, it’s the same as when you’re verbally bullying.

Not only will it make a person insecure, but victims of body shaming in general will also withdraw from the crowd to calm down. Kesehatan Jiwa
The characteristics of doing body shaming

  • Feel better than people who are obese or overweight

This often happens when we rarely meet someone, but when we meet and see his changing posture, we unknowingly criticize him. This includes body shaming that we may not be aware of.

Often criticizes and comments on fat people’s body shapes and hides behind the word “joking” to neutralize their negative behavior Kesehatan Tubuh

Commenting on body shape doesn’t only happen to friends we know, but there are also people around us who we don’t know do this. Usually the perpetrators say they are just joking, on the other hand, victims of body shaming will feel hurt.

  • Using other people’s body shapes as an attempt to look cute in front of others

Have you ever joked with friends to look funny commenting on someone’s body? This also includes body shaming.

Letting other people criticize or make negative comments about someone’s body shape

Don’t let other people criticize negatively someone’s body shape. Because this also includes body shaming that we are not aware of.

Seeing a slim or ideal body as evidence of success, success in self-control, and a measure of happiness

Feeling satisfied with body goals? Don’t show off if this is a success in keeping yourself looking perfect. This body shaming will be felt by friends around us who feel their bodies are not as good as body shaming perpetrators.

  • Judging others by their size

Have you ever judged someone by their body shape? This includes body shaming too. For example, choosing friendship, most of us will choose to be friends with people who are commensurate, or have a standard form.

This must often be felt by those who are overweight or have an unnatural physique to be alone and reduce socialization. vitamin dan suplemen

The impact of body shaming

There are several effects if we do body shaming

  • It makes people feel insecure and insecure.
  • Victims of body shaming will close themselves off and prefer to be alone.
  • Making body shaming victims do not develop.
  • Doing extreme things to improve his physical condition.
  • Doing self-harm to suicide.

That’s the notion of body shaming, its characteristics and effects when we do body shaming against someone. From now on, avoid things that contain body shaming. Because without us knowing it, we often do body shaming with anyone. Because the impact of body shaming is very dangerous for a person, and lowers his mental health.

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