The meaning of sticky acne dreams is related to health problems, please stay alert to lies to bad nutrition problems

The dream meaning of acne is also not much related to health problems.

But the dream meaning of acne can also signify a polemic of lies.

Therefore, to find out the meaning of acne dreams in more detail, see the information that Grid.ID has quoted from Kesehatan Jiwa

1 Dream of Having Acne on the Face

The dream of having acne on the face means that we have poor nutrition.

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It is possible that we have consumed foods that are not good for ourselves and we should avoid them.

We have long planned to go to a nutritionist to maintain health, but we continue to live the old way, because we are not disciplined enough. Kesehatan Tubuh

2 Dreams of Having Acne on the Body

The dream of having pimples on the body has a meaning that we are stressed.

We may have a difficult problem to deal with.

We are constantly nervous about it, which has a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

We often feel sad, and we have the feeling of being in a circle where we can’t find a way out.

3 Dreams of Having Pimples on Nose

The dream of having a pimple on the nose signifies that we will lie to someone.

However there is a possibility that it will be a white lie, but we must keep track of what we have said so as not to get caught up in self-deception and end up in awkward situations. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

4 Dreams of Squeezing Pimples

The dream of squeezing a pimple shows that you need some changes.

It is possible that we will change our hairstyle first, buy new clothes or start exercising.

We will work more on ourselves in the next period, so will strive to achieve our plans and desires to the fullest.

5 Dreams of Using Acne Cream

The dream of using acne cream means that we will listen to the doctor’s advice. vitamin dan suplemen

It is possible that we will ask them for help regarding a problem that has been bothering us for a long time.

We will do everything as they say

So that we will see improvement or progress in a good way after a short time.

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