Small Habits That Make Facial Skin Smooth and Healthy

Having supple, healthy, and glowing facial skin in the style of Korean artists has become the dream of most people. But, you won’t be able to get that kind of skin if you don’t do these simple habits. Kesehatan Jiwa

Many people are busy choosing the right skincare. In fact, you also have to take care of your skin from the inside along with these habits. So, if you’re already using skincare regularly but your skin condition hasn’t improved, check if you haven’t done this habit? Come on, see!

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1 Regularly drink mineral water

The key to healthy and well-groomed skin is staying hydrated. For that, you need to do small habits like drinking mineral water regularly. Dr. Jasmine Shaikh, MD at MedicineNet says that you should drink at least 2 liters of water every day, or the equivalent of 8 glasses of water. Kesehatan Tubuh

According to Dr. Jasmine, our bodies are made up of 80 percent water, you know. So it is very important to make sure that the body is filled with enough water. By drinking water, you can flush out the toxins in your body and fill it with energy.

In addition, drinking water regularly will also slow down the aging process. Many toxins come out and there is regeneration of new skin cells, so your skin looks healthier and more supple.

2 Consumption of nutritious food and drinks

Taking care of facial skin is not just about the skincare products you use, you know. You also need to maintain healthy facial skin from within, through nutritious food and drinks. For example, you can make a smoothie for breakfast in the morning.

To quote Dr. Lawrence E. Gibson, MD of the Mayo Clinic, “Instead of focusing on a specific type of food, focus on a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Choose low-fat or fat-free milk. Include nuts or seeds in your diet. . Cut down on sugary foods or drinks.”

According to nutritionist Jo Lewin as reported by BBC Good Food, you also need Vitamin C intake as an antioxidant. This vitamin C not only makes the skin look radiant and heals wounds, but it can strengthen your current immunity. Vitamin C from blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi, oranges, papaya, strawberries, and potatoes also contains collagen to tighten facial skin, you know. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

3 Reduce fried foods

In addition to food, the way we cook it also affects the absorption of nutrients in the body, you know. This was conveyed by Rachel Olsen, a nutritionist and health influencer, that the cooking method had an effect on changes in the nutritional value of food.

“If we mostly fry food, Vitamin C is reduced by 80 percent. For example, if we eat broccoli that is fried or sautéed for too long and mostly oil, Vitamin C has been reduced in it,” explained Rachel in the Indonesian Women’s Forum Webinar.

According to Rachel, a good cooking method is steaming because it doesn’t use oil. Too much oil will increase fat and skin inflammation (inflammation). As a result, the skin is not supple and healthy, it is even more damaged due to high free radicals.

4 Don’t forget to use moisturizer and sunscreen

Moisturizers and sunscreens are part of your skincare routine that should not be missed. In addition to controlling the humidity of the room and drinking enough water, don’t forget to use a moisturizer after bathing both on your body and face. Don’t wait for your face to be too dry before applying moisturizer!

Dr. Arini Widodo, Sp. KK in the Indonesian Women’s Forum Webinar, explained that the skin must be moisturized after bathing or washing hands. Also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day. vitamin dan suplemen

Reported by Healthline, the way the sunscreen works will block UV rays that are bad for facial skin. UV A can cause the skin to become full of wrinkles or age quickly. UV B can cause sunburn, so choose the right sunscreen according to your skin’s needs.

5 Get enough sleep

Research conducted by Tina Sundelin, MSc and colleagues at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden shows the effect of lack of sleep on facial appearance. The result is a lot of wrinkles or fine lines, eye bags, pale skin, and so on.

Reported by Healthline, adequate sleep conditions of 7-9 hours can restore blood circulation, improve skin from the adverse effects of UV rays, reduce wrinkles and spots, and restore collagen production. Come on, start taking care of your skin with enough rest!

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