Stop wasting money on Korean-style facials, this is the reason you need a skincare diet right now!

The world of dermatology is always evolving. Every industry involved is never absent from following developments. Until one day, a facial care trend emerged with dozens of products in it. Korea is one of the countries that sparked this trend.

Influencers on social media also contributed to the famous 10-step skincare trend. The question is, does our skin really need all the compositions in dozens of skincare in this maximalist trend? Kesehatan Jiwa

The trend may be a great opportunity for the beauty industry, but sadly, most people probably don’t need half the product line that goes viral. Quoted from the New York Times, doctors and beauticians say that many products that cover the face usually fail to solve the problems they claim.

“95 percent of people use too many products, which actually irritate their skin, age it or don’t get them to where they should be,” says dr. Heather Rogers, dermatologist and founder of Doctor Rogers Restore, quoted in the New York Times.

As a doctor and manufacturer of skincare products, dr. Rogers doesn’t make or use eye cream, which can be the biggest moneymaker in the skincare industry. This was also followed by April Gargiulo, founder of the Vintner’s Daughter brand, and dr. Ellen Marmur, dermatologist and founder of MMSkincare. Kesehatan Tubuh

Because, according to Marisa Plescia, cosmetic chemist at Bell International Laboratories and research scientist at NakedPoppy, eye creams have a composition not much different from face creams, except for eye creams with special ingredients such as caffeine, which will not be found in face creams.

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This is also supported by the experience of a fashion stylist in New York. “I only use cocoa butter and it costs $3.59 at CVS (pharmaceutical retail), and that’s fine,” says Roxanne Brown, a fashion stylist in New York. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

The power of influencers, a brand’s sales target, and a pandemic that makes many people try new things at home, is the right combination to make this trend even more soaring. Many consumers expect glowing skin after following the words of influencers. vitamin dan suplemen

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