Check out 5 Benefits of Wudu for Body Health

Before performing prayers, Muslims are required to perform ablution first. Wudu is a purification activity from minor hadas. Prayer will be valid if a person is pure and clean. Kesehatan Jiwa

The water that can be used for ablution is pure and purifying water. In general, what is meant is water that can be found in flowing water such as well water, rivers, seas, snow, or rainwater.

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Apart from being a valid condition for prayer, as reported by, Tuesday (2/11/21), here are a number of benefits of ablution for the health of the body.

1 Relieve Headaches

Causes of headaches include stress, high stomach acid, and hot weather. Water that is swept to the head during ablution will have a refreshing effect. Also, it can relieve stress. Kesehatan Tubuh

2 Cleaning Teeth and Gums

When performing ablution, a person will rinse his mouth three times. This can remove all the remaining dirt left in the mouth and keep it clean.

Another benefit is the production of saliva in the mouth can increase. Saliva itself serves to clean the mouth of bacteria and bad breath that arises due to bacteria in the mouth.

3 Avoid Skin Diseases

With ablution, one can eliminate diseases in the skin, one of which is skin cancer. Moreover, ablution is actually performed on almost half of the body.

4 Prevents Acne

Cause Acne and Allergies Clean the face from dust and dirt. In addition, regular ablution also helps blood circulation. If the blood circulation on the face is smooth, there will be no dirty blood that causes acne. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

5 Brighten the Face

Wudu can rejuvenate skin cells to make the skin look bright, and reduce wrinkles. This is due to smooth blood circulation. vitamin dan suplemen

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