Benefits of Gotu Kola Leaves for Health

Gotu kola leaves are not just ordinary wild plants, this plant which has the Latin name Centella asiatica turns out to have many benefits for human health.

Gotu kola is a plant that comes from tropical Asia and is widely found in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

Gotu kola leaves can treat various diseases and other health problems, such as repairing nerve tissue due to spinal cord injury, neuromuscular disorders, and improving brain function. Kesehatan Jiwa

Reporting from Healthline, here are 6 benefits of gotu kola leaves for health:

1 Improve cognitive function

A 2016 study compared the effects of gotu kola leaf extract with folic acid in improving post-stroke cognitive function.

Gotu kola leaves have the same benefits as folic acid, namely improving cognitive function. However, gotu kola leaf was more effective in improving memory domains. Kesehatan Tubuh

2 Overcoming Alzheimer’s disease

The next benefit of gotu kola is to help overcome Alzheimer’s by improving memory and nerve function.

Reports of a study in 2012 showed that gotu kola leaf extract had a positive effect on the behavior of mice with Alzheimer’s disease.

Even so, further research is still needed to explain the effectiveness of gotu kola leaves treating Alzheimer’s, especially for humans. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

3 Reduces anxiety and stress

Gotu kola leaves are also useful for dealing with anxiety and stress. This efficacy was proven in a 2016 animal study.

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In this study, gotu kola leaf had an anti-anxiety effect on male mice that were sleep deprived for 72 hours.

A review related to herbal medicines to treat anxiety also concluded that gotu kola leaves had anti-anxiety effects.

However, more research is needed to prove this conclusion.

4 Functions as an antidepressant

The benefits of gotu kola leaves for brain function is that it can act as an effective antidepressant.

A 2016 review of research involving 33 people with generalized anxiety disorder agreed with the claim.

As a result, the participants also reported a decrease in anxiety, stress, and depression. vitamin dan suplemen

5 Overcoming insomnia

Gotu kola leaves are useful for dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression so that this plant is also efficacious for overcoming insomnia.

Terpenoids found in gotu kola leaves have the potential to increase collagen levels in the body.

Therefore, gotu kola leaves can be used to prevent the formation of stretch marks and fade scars.

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