The Efficacy of Cassava Leaves As A Natural Medicine For Health, But How To Process It Must Be Exactly Like This

Manfaat obat alami daun singkong untuk kesehatan.

Besides being delicious as food, cassava leaves also have extraordinary properties for the health of the body.

According to Herbalist Dr. Paul Haider quoted from the page, cassava leaves are rich in nutrients, especially protein. Kesehatan Jiwa

However, to get the benefits, cassava leaves must be cooked at least 10 minutes before consumption.

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This is because cassava leaves contain high hydrocyanic acid which is toxic, but when cooked the acid can be lost.

So what are the benefits of consuming cassava leaves for health? Kesehatan Tubuh

Launching the Badung District Health Office page, here are 7 benefits of cassava leaves as a natural medicine for health.

1 Helps the cell regeneration process

Cassava leaves contain essential amino acids that are useful for regenerating cells in the human body. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

The content of these amino acids is one of the proteins that can help repair damaged body cells so that they can function again.

2 Improve the metabolic system

The content of B vitamins contained in cassava leaves is needed to help increase the metabolic system in the body to keep it optimal.

3 Sources of energy

The content of essential amino acids and fiber in cassava leaves can help provide a source of energy needed by the body for activities.

4 Promote blood circulation

The content of antioxidants and amino acids contained in cassava leaves plays a role in improving blood circulation which carries oxygen to be circulated throughout the body. vitamin dan suplemen

Thus, all the organs of the body can work optimally.

5 Smooth the digestive system

Not only has the ability to provide energy, the fiber content of cassava leaves is also useful for smoothing the digestive system.

So that the digestive organs become healthy and free from disease disorders.

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