3 Impacts of a Broken Heart on Human Health, Can It Really Cause a Heart Attack?

Heartbreak is not something to be underestimated. In some cases, a broken heart can cause a person to experience health problems, even a heart attack. Kesehatan Jiwa

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Not only about love, heartbreak can also occur because of the betrayal of friends, friends, or family.

The book The Art of Healing Heartaches written by Claudia Sabrina reveals that there are 3 effects of a broken heart on a person’s health condition. Anything?

Cause health problems

A broken heart can make a person experience serious health problems, one of which is a heart attack. According to a cardiologist from Loyola University Health System in the United States, dr. Sara Sirna, MD.M, heartbreak that can lead to a heart attack occurs during stressful and emotional times, such as divorce and the death of a spouse. Kesehatan Tubuh

In addition, according to another study, respondents experienced a burning sensation in their hands, where their brain activity was connected when they saw photos of their ex.

According to Dr. Sunil Shah, senior lecturer in Public Health at St. George’s University of London says the effects of a broken heart can make physical changes.

From the evidence presented, a broken heart can cause changes in blood, blood clotting, blood pressure, stress hormones, to control heart rate. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

Broken heart syndrome effects

People who experience a broken heart can develop a syndrome. This syndrome is called takosubo cardiomyopathy.

Although the cause is unknown, the release of the hormone adrenaline called the stress hormone can damage heart health.

Suddenly passive

People who experience a broken heart can turn a person into a passive person. When the heartbreak they feel is so painful, they will shut down, withdraw, and rarely socialize. vitamin dan suplemen

In addition, those who are brokenhearted need a long time to heal, before returning to their normal activities.

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