Color Therapy Can Affect Mental Health

Holistic and self-healing health practitioner, Reza Gunawan, explained that chromotherapy or color therapy can affect mental, emotional health, to the quality of rest which will also have an impact on physical health. According to Reza, color therapy is an effort to provide intake to the five senses, namely the eyes as light receptors, so that a person can gain physical and mental health independently. Kesehatan Jiwa

“These five senses are the gateway to the mind. So, if we don’t take care of what we consume through our five senses, it will also affect our health and mood, especially mentally and emotionally,” he said during an online discussion, Thursday (9/12).

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He said color therapy can occur in two ways, namely from outside to inside the body and from inside to outside the body. “First, from the outside to the inside. So if we see a beautiful view, each color seems to give its own feeling or mood,” said Reza. Kesehatan Tubuh

In general, continued Reza, the influence of this pathway will be felt consciously the first time you see the color. “After that, we don’t realize it. That is, whatever color we use at home, when we paint it, we consciously enjoy it. But after a while we don’t realize it because it has been translated by the brain as something normal,” he added.

While the second path, namely from the inside out of the body, said Reza, is when a person trains inner sensitivity through the five senses to get to know him again as something new.

“Here, contemplative or mindfulness exercises can help us. Rest our five senses. Don’t even meditate, but just close our eyes and be quiet for a moment, when we open our eyes it seems as if everything around us becomes brighter,” said Reza.

“So, we must always renew the stimulation that our five senses receive so that we can better appreciate the beauty that is in our environment,” he continued.

Seeing the great influence between color therapy and a person’s mental and physical condition, Reza suggested choosing the right color for room decoration. Each color, he said, would have a different effect. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

One of the colors that has a positive effect, according to Reza, is blue because it has a tendency to calm, relieve anxiety, trigger a relaxation response, and increase focus. Therefore, the color blue is also often used for behavioral therapy.

“Besides that, the blue color is also a symbol of spaciousness, a bright atmosphere, a calm mind, peace, and comfort,” he concluded. vitamin dan suplemen

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