Eat Yogurt Often! This is a row of benefits for health

YOGURT is a food made from fermented milk that uses bacteria. Yogurt can be made from any milk.

Yogurt is often used as a desert for lunch or breakfast. Because yogurt is good for digestion. Kesehatan Jiwa

Quoted from, here are the benefits of yogurt for health, what are the benefits?

1 Healthy snack

Carbohydrates in yogurt can help meet the energy needs for activities. The content of potassium and sodium can also help replace electrolytes that are removed.

2 Gives extra energy

In addition to the energy provided by carbohydrates, yogurt contains B vitamins. These can work well as a little energy boost.

3 Helps build muscle

Yogurt is a complete protein which means it contains essential amino acids. The substance is needed to build muscles and other tissues in the body. Kesehatan Tubuh

4 Taking care of teeth

Although it contains sugar, yogurt does not have a harmful effect on enamel. Lactic acid is even thought to have a positive effect in protecting gums and teeth from future damage. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

5 Lose weight

Yogurt can build muscle by helping burn fat, being a good source of energy for weight loss. Lastly, yogurt contains a fair amount of protein which helps you stay full longer. vitamin dan suplemen

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