Is There Any Effect of Cavities on Health Tests?

Medical tests aim to know the history of the disease and detect early the possibility of an unknown disease. This examination includes dental and oral health. Kesehatan Jiwa

Medical tests are one of the important requirements to join a company. Unfortunately, some people tend to take the test for granted.

Even though they feel that their body is fit for a medical test, the presence of oral cavity problems such as cavities is often not realized. In fact, this condition can affect the assessment.

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Tooth decay occurs when decay-causing bacteria come into contact with sugar and starch from the food or drink you eat. Then, these bacteria produce acids that attack the surface layer of the teeth. Kesehatan Tubuh

In addition to disturbing your health, cavities will also affect your judgment.

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Some of the problems that can occur if cavities in teeth are left untreated include:

1 Causes pain

Cavities that are not treated over time will enlarge and deepen. The hole can penetrate the pulp cavity. In this cavity, there are nerves and blood vessels. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

If the hole has reached the cavity, intense pain will appear and bother. The pain may also radiate to the head.

2 Interrupting activity

The pain due to perforated teeth will certainly make you reluctant to carry out daily activities. In addition to difficulty chewing food, pain will also interfere with work.

This is what is considered to be able to affect performance in the company. Because, pain that can not be restrained must interfere with activity and concentration. vitamin dan suplemen

3 Cause bad breath

Bad breath can also arise from untreated cavities. This condition will certainly affect self-confidence, especially when meeting and communicating with colleagues or clients.

This disease can be treated with treatment that is tailored to the severity.

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