Must Check! These 3 Green Flags Signify A Healthy Romantic Relationship And Minimal Conflict

Recently, the term red flag has been widely used to indicate a toxic and unhealthy relationship, aka a toxic relationship. However, apart from the red flag, there is also the term green flag that you should know. A green flag is a sign or signal that the relationship you are in is healthy, harmonious, and has minimal conflict. Kesehatan Jiwa

A green flag can serve as a beacon to help determine if you are interested in getting to know your partner better and maintaining the relationship. The more green flags in a relationship you can identify, the more likely the relationship will last in harmony.

Of course there are different green flags for each individual in a relationship. But there are some general green flags to be found in a healthy relationship. Come on, find out below!

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Often couples sometimes do not appreciate the word no, aka rejection. Even in an unhealthy relationship, they tend to ignore rejection and push their way.

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“The word ‘no’ really doesn’t need an explanation, there’s no need for negotiation,” says family and marriage therapist, Jacqueline Mendez, as quoted by Well and Good.

For example, your partner invites you to hang out after you are tired all day at work. You also prefer to rest than hang out in a cafe. If your partner understands and respects your decision, then he will say, “okay, we can hang out next time”. This is a green flag because they respect your refusal.

However, if your partner tries to negotiate by saying, “Just a minute” or “are you really tired?”, then your partner may not be someone who can fulfill your wants and needs. Kesehatan Tubuh dan Jiwa

Understanding Each Other’s Needs
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If your partner is always trying to avoid talking about what you need in the relationship, this is not a green flag. Apart from ignoring your needs, this can also be an indication that your partner doesn’t really know their own needs. As a result, it is very likely that they will not be able to meet your needs. vitamin dan suplemen

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